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Dont Laugh, its my First Automatic

Forum Tech corner Dont Laugh, its my First Automatic

2007-07-28 08:06:02

Hey there everyone, new to the boards, so i thought id start off with an easy question.

Just both a 02 Grand Cherokee, and having driven manuals back home in ireland for the last 7 years the automatic trans is completly new to me, i cant find any basic operating instructions in the drivers manual, and i dont want to be doing anything i shouldnt be and causing any damage.

Basically my question is about shifting gears in the automatic, all the details i have gotten so far is the normal 'start in park and apply brake to shift into reverse or drive', so does that therefore mean that i only need to use the button under the gear shift going into reverse?

And if so, what the heck is the smaller button on the drivers side (left hand) of the shift stick? I have looked all over the manual and cant find any reference to it at all. Anyways, any help at all is more than appreciate, thanks y'all

2017-06-30 07:38:41

It's okay, no worries about it.