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2009-03-01 16:11:31

dear all,

i got a problem our hummer. ours is hummer h1 but the engine is using a engine of grand cherokee vortex v8. the problem is that the transfer case is broken so that the 4x4 system can not working. we got info that the broken part is a transfer case. the serial part is PN 246 GM, Rasion 272.

is there anyone can help where we can find that part since we try to get it in authorized dealer of jeep in jalan pramuka but they havent it.

thanks a lot for kind help




2009-03-02 06:33:27

hi there, ur best bet would be to go to , fill in the info, then click on troubleshooting.....go from there, it might be like shifting linkage or any number of things less serious and expensive than transfer case, good luck. wydra

2009-03-02 06:52:42

hi wydra,

thanks for the info.

really appreciate :)